Time Measurement for Carrera Slot Car Track

After I had to have my own Carrera slot car track last year I soon wanted to have proper time measurement. First we measured time with a stopwatch app on the mobile – one driving the slot car and another one taking the time. But of course it is inaccurate and it was more and more becoming inaccurate as the night proceeded to fall – blame it on sleepiness, the beer or both *twinker!*

So I began to experiment with the MicroView – my first thing on Kickstarter I actually supported. It comes with an integrated OLED display and is fully Arduino compatible. To document the times I connected a mini thermal printer. I also added some push buttons to change the number of laps for one race and the number of players. Pressing this button changes the current player and the measured time is than properly assigned when it comes to printing the result.


  • MicroView
  • Mini Thermal Printer + thermal paper
  • Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor
  • 5v switching power supply (Minimum 2 Ampere suggested for printer)

See it in action in the video:


Making a home for my trinkets, keys and everything else lying around

After I had seen the idea to use small spoons as hangers during my stay in Finland I knew I wanted that too. So I checked some old spoons at the fleamarket, got an old wooden board and voilá! Finally a stylish place for my seldom used things!


Fixing my broken Nexus 4

Got my broken Nexus 4 fixed.

I ordered a new display+glass+touch+frame unit on ebay and watched some video tutorials on Youtube. Was easier than expected.

Welcome back!

Cost: approx. 45eur (including shipping) + 1 hour of work + about 2 hours watching tutorials on Youtube.


My look of the defuseable clock

After I saw the nootropic design defuseable clock on the web somewhere I knew I also had to have one. This is how I styled my alarm clock.

Looks dangerous enough to get me out of bed in the morning? Unfortunately no.

Want to see how others have built and styled their defuseable clock? See it here!